Satan Is The World, Flesh, And The Devil Essay

Satan Is The World, Flesh, And The Devil Essay

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The three sources of struggle and temptation in our lives is the world, flesh, and the devil. When it comes to knowing ourselves well and the schemes of Satan, this is of great importance. Really, it has everything to do with our work as a disciple and assisting with the growth of the kingdom of God. Knowing ourselves well and the schemes of Satan, can and will keep us from being ignorant and being a hindrance from someone else being saved. We need to have a great confidence in who and whose we are. I 've come to know and understand through this assignment that we need to be honest in coming aware of self-concerning our identity, character, or integrity. Believe it or not, Satan is studying us to figure us out and where our weaknesses are. When he does, he 'll do all he can to get us to perform various acts or develop habits that are unholy and unrighteous.

If we are familiar with the schemes of Satan, killing, stealing, and destroying, we can then do all we can through the power of the Holy Spirit to resist them. James promises us that if we do resist the Devil, he will flee ...

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