Essay about Satan And The Hierarchy Of Heaven

Essay about Satan And The Hierarchy Of Heaven

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In the Book One of the novel we find that there is an arch-angel who is displeased with the hierarchy of Heaven. He views God as a tyrant running a dictatorship. So, he makes up his mind that he is going to overthrow God. To do this, he rallies up a group of angels and a war breaks out. His plan backfires and he and his followers get banished to Pandemonium. Thus, Satan is born.
Together Satan and his right-hand Beezlebub plan another attack. However, after facing God’s wrath they realize that he is too strong to attack directly. In Book Two, after numerous conversations between the devils, it is clear that nothing means more to them than their freedom. Satan decides that they should go after God’s most prized creation, humanity. Satan’s children Sin and Death help him to escape from Hell by created a bridge to Earth. Continuing to Book Three, Satan has reached Earth’s atmosphere and comes in contact with the angel, Uriel. Satan seeing this road block transforms into an angel. He tricks Uriel into revealing the location of Adam and sets out in that direction.
In Book Four, Satan reaches the Garden of Eden. He contemplates whether or not he would be forgiven by God If he did apologizes. He knows, however, that if he goes back that he will undoubtedly have to endure the same hierarchy as before. Meanwhile, Satan gets his first glimpse of mankind, Adam and Eve. He overhears through their conversation that God told them that they must not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Satan hopes that he will be able to convince them to break God’s Rule. Uriel is onto Satan’s disguise and sends a group of angels in the Garden to find him. Satan runs into Gabriel and as the two began to engage in battle a golden scale appears. Satan knows that ...

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...When Satan first looks in on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, he sees how happy they are. He is jealous that God cares, so much for them and is jealous of how important they are to him. He is also jealous of the fact that they get to be happy. As, I stated earlier the lines of good and evil have always been blurred, but never more so than in John Milton’s Paradise Lost.
For my interview, I was very confused about who I would actually ask. I tried many times to contact professors at Saint Louis University. These professors specialized in Medieval Literature or Medieval Studies. However, after numerous attempts none of the professors responded to my requests.
Ok my first question is do you think that Satan is the protagonist in paradise lost? 2) how is the Gothic theme expressed in paradise lost? How would you relate the Gothic theme to Satan being a protagonist?

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