Essay Sappho And Plato 's View On The Mysteries Of Love, Eros, And The True

Essay Sappho And Plato 's View On The Mysteries Of Love, Eros, And The True

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Our drive for human connection has been forever fueled by desire to seek love,
truth, and wisdom, and to share that information with one another in our quest and pursuit
of happiness. Our society is shaped by the process and product of every interaction, both
between people, and man and nature. Some sexual, and non-sexual relationships
that form between human interaction are better than others for us as individuals, morally
and spiritually. In the very old works of ancient Greek poets, Sappho and Plato, we are
offered different approaches and insights on the mysteries of love, eros, and the true
meaning and desire of human interaction, sexually and non-sexually. By looking at some
of Sappho and Plato’s specific works, we can see the origin of the many popular
contemporary ideas and theories of love and beauty we see in today’s western world.
Sappho, regarded to as the most famous woman poet of antiquity, wrote mainly
about love. It was the first time in the era of Epic poems that a poet, male or female,
didn’t write about heroes of war, but chose to explore intense personal feelings and
emotions of love. This kind of style of writing hadn’t been seen in the world ever at that
time. Sappho’s work includes simple lyric style language that delivers vivid images, and
awakens intense, influential feelings. As much of her work was burned and destroyed, due to her
being exiled, we are left with the work of Sappho in mostly fragmentations and not in their full
form. For example, in Sappho’s fragment 48, ‘You came and I was crazy for you and you cooled
my mind that burned with longing,’ (Puchner) we see a great awareness of self, generating a
fierce fire of desire that occurs frequently within the interiority of ...

... middle of paper ... of form when absolute beauty and
goodness are searched for and obtained.
All in all, the works of Plato and Sappho, together, continue to this day to offer great
insight and theories of love. All of their works have opened my own eyes to the pursuit of
absolute goodness and truth. This search will lead me on a path to enlightenment and absolute
beauty in my own individual life. What we want from our friends and family members
that we love is nothing more than all the love and happiness. Love, overall, is for the sake of
good. So if you set out to seek absolute goodness, you will discover love and truth in its purest
form, and in turn share it with all others. We as human individuals are endlessly
interconnected to everything within the expanding universe, desire acting as the spark to
enlightenment, and love being at the heart of us all.

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