The Santa Fe Grill : Marketing Strategy Design And Marketing Situation Analysis

The Santa Fe Grill : Marketing Strategy Design And Marketing Situation Analysis

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The Santa Fe Grill is a relatively new Mexican restaurant that was started by two former business students from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The idea sparked after the two roommates who were both interested in pursuing entrepreneurial interests decided that a Mexican restaurant in their city would be highly successful. While taking an entrepreneur class at the University, the plan for the business began coming together. Their main focus was to create a restaurant that would feature the freshest ingredients, as well as a lively atmosphere, cutting edge advertising and marketing, plus exceptional service for customers. (Research Methods, Pg. 19) By doing so, the students hoped that they could fulfill their dreams of ownership.
Based on my understanding of Chapter 1 of our textbook and the use of exhibit 1.1, the owners of Santa Fe Grill should consider using marketing strategy design and marketing situation analysis to completely fill any holes that might not have been covered in the planning process. After analyzing the case of the Santa Fe Grill, I believe they should focus on concept and product testing, test marketing, opportunity assessment, customer satisfaction studies, and competitor analysis. These seem to be important to the overall success of their company, especially competitor analysis so they can see first hand who and what they are competing against. This would include seeing what the competitor is doing product wise, for customer service, and their marketing/advertising strategies and overall how they target their customers. It was said in the case that the success of the restaurant at first got started rather slowly and that the owners needed to understand how to drive customer satisfaction a...

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...n and Santa Fe Grill and those who ate at the competitor, Jose’s Southwestern Café. However, these interviews do not help them fully understand their customers and their needs. By conducting secondary research for their restaurant they will be able to fully understand customer trends, and customer relationship management. I would also recommend that Santa Fe Grill dives into doing some program development research, by doing so they can focus on areas such as customer satisfaction studies, demand analysis, sales forecasting, pricing decisions, distribution decisions and integrated marketing communications. Marketing program development is a massive determining force in the overall success or failure of a business. By using marketing program development as a guideline, Santa Fe Grill should be able to successfully boost their clientele and overall sales as a company.

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