Sans Securing The Human ( Sth ) Is Online Computer Based Security And Awareness Training

Sans Securing The Human ( Sth ) Is Online Computer Based Security And Awareness Training

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SANS Securing the Human (STH) is online computer-based security and awareness training to raise awareness concerning internet security. Our organization utilizes this training in order to train employees to be aware of the dangers that exist and how to safely use internet resources. Our information security team conducted a survey before the training and they intend to conduct another survey after the training is completed to measure awareness of cyber security issues. We are in the process of a year’s worth of training consisting of 43 modules (videos) with several modules assigned to us each month for us to watch. The training is online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so employees can view the 1 – 5 minute modules at their own convenience. At the end of each module there is quiz and the ability to re-watch the module.
SANS STH is offered to commercial businesses, private or online, and the government. SANS STH offers the training in 28 different languages. This particular type of training has choices for the end user, engineer, healthcare or developer. Choices include online, live online or online plus on-site private training. Our organization uses the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Client.
The most recent pricing information found was a discounted cost of the SANS STH is $2,500.00 for 1 year of training covering up to 50 users, $50.00 per user after that (this discounted price ran from 12/01/15 - 01/31/16) ("SANS Securing the Human," n.d.).
Some objectives for this training are security awareness, the change in user behavior, and helping organizations manage mounting security risks. With testing at the end of each module, users can demonstrate their knowledge.
This is security awareness training for end use...

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...hese modules are available to be watched as many times as needed to reinforce learning. Another added advantage is the availability of resources that use metrics with this program. “Metrics give the ability to track and measure the impact of the security awareness program. This can be used to improve your training, demonstrate return on investment, or compare your human risk to other organizations in your industry” ("Resources: Measuring Results," n.d.).
SANS Institute Securing the Human will add logos to newsletters, posters and screensavers customized to your organization. SANS Institute created Securing the Human for the end user as a computer based training and has grown to developing other trainings concerning internet security. The SANS Institute began in 1989 and consists of security professionals from many different countries and many different professions.

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