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Sanjay and Sanjeev Essay

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It’s raining. The drops trickle down the side of the window wall while some roll into the hut, but are too blurred for Sanjay to watch each one as it rolls down. He is much more aware of the drops he feels gliding down his own face, rolling off of his eyelashes, giving him a salty taste on his lips. His collar is wet, yet there is not one thing he can think about but his brother.
He can’t stop thinking of yesterday. He still remembers the look on his brothers face as he lowered his eyes to the ground in shame, the confusion yet crystal clear understanding of what his brother was trying to say. He remembers the way his heart had dropped, the way he was overcome with a feeling of shame and guilt for his brother, the way for a minute he couldn’t recognize his own identical twin as if he had never seen him before in his life.
Sanjay remembers the small police station vaguely. The police had put up signs around town asking for cheek samples from residents of the village to help them narrow down their search for the person responsible for the rape of a 16-year-old girl in town named Niti. Sanjay knew her from school, and wanted to do something to help his classmate get justice. That’s why he had set out to the police station unhesitatingly, until Sanjeev grabbed him as he stepped foot into the station. “No, please don’t Sanjay. For me.” Sanjeev had pleaded. And that’s when Sanjay knew, his own brother, his own blood, was responsible for such a sickening act. And that was when his brother ran away, and no one in the village has seen him since.
Sanjay was overwhelmed, as he sat gazing out the window, by what he knew and what no one else had any idea of. He was beyond disgusted with his brother, but yet it didn’t make sense how Sanjee...

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...nt in the womb. After they confirmed that the baby was not Sanjeev’s or Sanjay’s they freed them. They then carried out a gang raid for the next couple days and arrested all the gang members.
Sanjay and Sanjeev sat together at dinner with their family. As they sat side by side, they knew that what had happened had not only brought them closer but instilled in them a trust for each other that no one could come in between. They not only knew each other well but also trusted that their common genes, or their “shared blood”, will help them always identify each other even in a large crowd.

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