Essay on Sandyford Business District Association Article #361

Essay on Sandyford Business District Association Article #361

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With the SBDA draft just a couple days away, we are going to take a look at one of the most talked about prospects entering this SBDA draft. Jackson Curtis Miller, former standout power forward from Kent State University, has already impressed SBDA general managers everywhere with his tremendous work ethic and hard nosed attitude. As we looked into the life of the potential superstar, we came across three adjectives that folks familiar with Jackson Miller, said about him. Here is that list:

1. Hard-Working: One of the most common adjectives used to describe SBDA draft prospect, Jackson Miller, was hard-working. Miller is seen by many SBDA general managers as one of the most hard-working prospects coming out this year. Coach Sendoroff, the head coach for Kent State University, had this to say about Jackson: "One of the things that impressed us the most with Jackson was that he was willing to work hard to get what he wanted. After his season ending injury during his senior year at Lakeside High School, many young athletes, would of simply gave up. He worked hard, battled back, and became one of the best freshman in the country here at Kent State". As we looked into his background, this was something not uncommon for Jackson Miller. Growing up in a working class family, he was always taught that if you wanted something bad enough, you have to work hard. Jackson stated that this hard-working attitude was instilled in him by his father, Mark Miller, who has worked at a local Canton steel factory for the past 25 years.

*Miller practicing with a college teammate last year.

2. Loyal: For many general managers in the SBDA and the SBA, this has to be an encouraging sign for them. One of the many attribut...

... middle of paper ... produce on the court, while staying out of trouble off of it. Professor Yugoslavic, of the Kent State University Department of Political Science, had this to say about Jackson Miller's strong commitment towards his education: "From what I've heard, Jackson is one of the best basketball players in the country. From what I've seen of him first hand inside the classroom, he also possesses the knowledge and life skills necessary to have a successful career, if need be, outside of basketball. He is one of a kind. A smart athlete? Who knew..".


*During his freshman year at Kent State University, Miller attended most of his classes in Bowman Hall. Bowman Hall is home to the Kent State University, Department of Political Science. Miller plans to enroll in classes during each offseason, in order to finish his degree in Political Science.

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