Essay about Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories

Essay about Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories

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In the world today there are events that happen and have stories untold. On the rise are many different twists that come about from events happening. “63 percent of registered American voters believe in at least one political conspiracy theory according to a recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University” (“Theories Prosper”). There are many different conspiracy theories in the world today including, included in the top ten lists of conspiracy theories is the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the September 11th terrorist attacks. Ever wonder how a conspiracy theory comes alive and what is all needed to justify the meaning of a conspiracy theory?
A conspiracy theory explains the cause of an event or phenomenon of a major impact on social, political or economic standings, which normally accuses two or more people, a certain group or an organization that has plotted the event or plans to cover up the events (“Conspiracy Theory”). Not every event that occurs in today’s society is the result of a conspiracy, strange and unexplainable things do happen on their own, which make our minds connect the dots in patterns that make us believe why such an event has happened (Shermer, “Why people”). “A possible reason people believe them is because the pattern is consoling, whether directly or indirectly. People are uncomfortable with the idea of the unknown or unexplained” (Clabaugh). For some people it may be easier to come up with a random explanation that explains why and event happened, rather than searching for evidence (Clabaugh).
There are many details involved in a conspiracy theory and why people are so persuaded to believe what is said. Conspiracy theorists have made numerous accounts of...

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