Essay about Sandra Day O'Conoor, A Great Woman

Essay about Sandra Day O'Conoor, A Great Woman

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Sandra Day O'Connor, A Great Woman

Sandra Day O'Connor was born on March 26th, 1930 in El Paso, Texas. She is one of the greatest women in history, at least that's what I think. She is a role model and an unforgettable person. She is well known as the first female Supreme Court Justice. She is presently alive.
Sandra Day O'Connor's parents are Harry A. Day and Ada Mae (Wilkey) Day. Her grandparents are Mamie Scott Wilkey and Willis Wilkey, and Henry Clay Day and Alice Day. Sandra's siblings are Alan and Ann. Henry Clay Day established a 155,000 acre ranch (Lazy B) in the1800's. Sandra Day O' Connor met her husband, John Jay O'Connor III, at Stanford University as a fellow law student. They married in 1952. John and Sandra had three sons; Scott Hampton (born October 8th, 1957), Brian (Born in 1960) and Jay (born in1962).
O'Connor's early childhood was spent on the Lazy B in South Eastern Arizona. As an only child, Sandra got a lot of adult attention and felt lonely sometimes. She used her imagination as a tool to entertain herself.
Sandra Day O'Connor had a lot of exposure to land, and carried many adult responsibilities. She could read at four and was able to load, aim and fire a rifle. Henry Day taught Sandra how to ride a horse and drive a tractor before she was ten. She became a skilled horse back rider at ten. As a child, Sandra Day O'Connor was knowledgeable about the uses of tools, could pick apples when they were just ripe and burn the Lazy B mark on the cattle with a branding iron. Despite her experience with male chores, O'Connor also had a feminine side. On special occasions, she could and knew how to use make-up, wear elegant dresses and walk beautifully on heels.
When Sandra Day O'Connor was eight years...

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... all male.
In addition, Sandra Day O'Connor being in the Supreme Court showed that female judges should be as privileged as their male associates are. O'Connor was not just a woman justice, but a leader for all. She did her jobs well and efficiently. We should all praise Sandra Day O'Connor for not fitting into a stereo type, but stepping out, she opened a door for women. She showed us all that the key to succeeding is persistency and hard work. Sandra Day O'Connor is a great woman indeed.


Henry, Christopher, Sandra Day O'Connor
New York/Chicago/London/Sidney: Franklin Watts, 1994





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