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The San Francisco Bay Area Essay

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Earth, as we know it, is the only planet that needs air and water to survive while the other planets only need sunlight. A diverse set of plants and animals have sustained their existence through the sun and support through soil, water, and air. Without air and water, Earth would be unable to sustain life. The San Joaquin Valley is made of eight counties making Fresno one of them. The mountains surround the valley on all sides except the north where lies the San Francisco Bay area. Its key staple is agriculture that contributes to the downfall of poor air quality. Since the mountains surround the valley, it forms a bowl that concentrates air pollutants and produces ozone. The valley residents are susceptible to the increasing air pollution and may be confronting one of the most severe pollution challenges in the nation.
Air pollution occurs when gases, dust, and fumes contaminate the air in harmful amounts. It is considered harmful when it compromises the health of humans, animals, and causes damage to plants. In the early days before the propagation of large cities, nature kept the air fairly clean. The wind would mix and disperse the gases, the rain would wash the dust and plants would absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. However, with increasing industrialization, humans started to discharge more wastes into the atmosphere and unbalanced natures system. Since then, an abundance of pollution has been added to the air. The emissions sources are grouped into three classes: stationary, area, and mobile. Stationary sources are a large source of emission that includes powers plants and industries. Area sources are similar to stationary sources but are way to small but contribute to the air quality such as dust and wood ...

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...e air is Rule 4901 which prohibits burning any solid fuel such as wood and pellets when the air quality is poor.
The San Joaquin region, which is home to Fresno County, is said to be one of the most polluted cities in the United States. Humans have caused the air to pollute by industrialization and urbanization. The vehicles that are on the road are constantly emitting particulate matter that contributes to poor air quality. The farming techniques that are used to help produce food to eat is another factor contributing to the decline in good air quality. Humans are the problem to the adverse effects that have caused our lungs to decline and create deformities in premature children. Since we created these problems it is up to the human race to diminish the poor air quality and to create and follow through with policies that will help reduce the emissions in the air.

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