Essay about Samuel Langhorne Clemens, The Fifth Child Of John M. Clemens

Essay about Samuel Langhorne Clemens, The Fifth Child Of John M. Clemens

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was born on November 30, 1835, in the small town of Florida, Missouri. Samuel was the sixth child of John M. Clemens and Jane Lampton. The family lived in Florida, Missouri until Samuel was four. John worked as a storekeeper, lawyer, judge and land speculator. He was an unhappy man who dreamed of wealth. Jane was a fun-loving, tenderhearted homemaker who loved to tell her family stories. They relocated to Hannibal in hopes of making their lives better. Samuel lived in Hannibal from the age of four to the age of seventeen. While Hannibal was a wonderful place to grow up, violence was very common and Samuel witnessed a lot of death growing up. When Samuel was eleven his father unexpectedly died and Jane became the head of the household.
Samuel kept up his schooling until he was twelve. After Sam’s father died, his family needed a source of income so he began searching for a job. He finally found a job as an apprentice printer at the Hannibal Courier. At the age of fifteen, Sam got a job as a printer and occasional writer and editor for his brother’s newspaper the Hannibal Western Union.
When Sam was eighteen he headed east to New York and Philadelphia. Samuel worked on several different newspapers and was successful at writing articles. In 1857, he returned home to start a new career as a riverboat pilot along the Mississippi River. When the Civil war began Samuel’s job came to a stop. Samuel became inspired by the times, however, and volunteered to a Confederate unit. He quit after only two weeks. He then headed west to Nevada, under the hopes of becoming rich. Sam encountered Native American tribes and many other unique characters, disappointments, and mishaps. Sam’s experien...

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...n against English domination. Joan was tried for witchcraft and heresy by French priests and burned at the stake. Twain viewed Joan of Arc as his bid to be considered a “serious” writer. Joan is considered to be Twain’s ideal woman. The way Twain wrote her is said to be modeled after his oldest, Susy. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc was published in 1896.
Samuel Clemens spent his life observing and reporting on his surroundings. He provided images of the romantic, the real, the strengths, and the weaknesses of a changing world. While reading his works you can read into the past and really see the American mindset of the late nineteenth century and can understand more about life back then. Twain never hesitated to speak his mind and his writings brought that to life. He will always be remembered as someone who took chances and expressed what no one else would.

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