Samuel Colt and the Colt Revolver Essay

Samuel Colt and the Colt Revolver Essay

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The Wild West is known for its cowboys and gunslingers. In the Wild West the pistol
was an important piece of equipment. Samuel Colt played an important part in the Wild West
because of the invention of the Colt Revolver.
Samuel Colt was born on July 19, 1814 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was one of
eight children. As a young boy Samuel Colt’s principle interest was guns and machinery. His
father, Christopher Colt, was a textile manufacturer and was married to Sarah Coldwell Colt
(“Samuel Colt”). Samuel Colt’s parents lived there in Hartford until their death.
Sam Colt at the age of 16 attended the Amherst Academy in Massachusetts and was
eventually expelled from it for his behavior. After he was expelled from the Amherst Academy
Colt’s father sent him to sail on a ship. The ship was called the Corvo (“Samuel Colt”).
While Sam Colt was on the Corvo he came up with the idea of a revolving cylinder for a
pistol. He got it from watching the wheel and that the spokes came back in line with the wheel.
When Colt got back to land he went to a man named Mr. Anson Chase who was a gunsmith
(Haven 14). After they came up with the idea they made their first revolver. It was a four barrel
cluster revolver. The only problem was that the revolver blew up when they shot it. The reason
why it blew up was there were no partitions between the nipples to prevent one discharge from
making all the rest explode. That was Sam Colt’s first gun design he made (Peterson 209).
Samuel Colt’s first invention that worked was an underwater mine. He made a galvanic
battery that made it detonate underwater. Sam Colt got a bunch of business men and made a
demonstration for them. He stuck a raft out in a stream over the mine he stuc...

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Colt’s most famous pistol that he made was the .45-calibre peacemaker introduced
in1873. Colt made a lot of pistols in his lifetime. Colt will always be remembered for his
revolvers and how he changed the wild west and the way we fight to this day.

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