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1- Samsung Review
In an effort to review Samsung ln32b360, I found several points that are very good about the product. It has one of the best picture qualities I have ever seen - the only better quality comes from being there in person. Externally it is stylish with a black frame that fits in extremely well with my black, white and chrome decor in the family room. The attractive oval stand swivels to make the screen easy to view from any part of the room, and the keys and buttons on the remote control are different colors and sizes for ease of use.
2- Review of Samsung
Shopping for a new television can be a headache, especially with all the new technology and innovations. I read a review Samsung ln32b360 that was raving about how good it was, so I headed to the local electronics and appliance store to check it out. The Samsung had the most stunning color of all the TVs I looked at, and it also had the sharpest images and clarity. The internal speakers sound great, and the multiple component input and output jacks will let me hook up an array of external speakers to enhance the sound experience even more. It also comes with two HDMI cable and computer inputs.
3- Favorite Christmas Present
My favorite Christmas present was a Samsung ln32b360, and I could not be happier with it. This is most definitely the best television I have ever owned, because the colors are bright and deep, the images are crystal clear and the contrast is excellent. The unit was very easy to set up, and I only looked at the set up instructions once. I use a digital antenna to pick up a signal since I do not have cable, and the picture is top notch. It is the perfect size for the bedroom where we set it up. This is the best LCD television you can get for...

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...nch 720p lcd hdtv. The 32 inch television will fit perfectly in our bedroom, and will actually free up some space that the old CRT TV took up. It comes with a generous one year warranty on parts and labor, but based on the reviews I have seen there will be no need for repairs of any kind.
10- Soap Opera TV
My neighbor bought a Samsung ln32b360 32 inch 720p lcd hdtv, and she invited me over to watch our favorite soap operas on it. I have to say I have never seen a clearer or sharper picture in my life on a television set. When they say the movies and shows you watch will come to life they mean it. The realism of the images is amazing, because the details are so enhanced. Samsung has great audio technology so that the speakers deliver a surround sound experience to increase the realism. Also, I simply cannot get over the range of bright colors I see on the screen.

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