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Samsung Electronics Case Write-Up

1. The Memory Industry (5 points).

Conduct a five-forces analysis of the memory industry. You will need to rate each of

the five forces in this industry as high, medium or low and then explain briefly why

you selected this rating.

A) Threat of New Entrants(Barriers to entry) (MEDIUM)

Samsung, being a global company with net revenues of over $30 billion, had established

an integrated supply chain with economies of scale and scope. New entrants were

required to come in on a very large scale for effectively minimizing costs, which the

Chinese companies succeeded in doing. Samsung had scale of economies in research and

chip fabrication and was world leading memory producer for all types of PC’s, digital

cameras and other electronic products. Samsung had demand side benefits of scale as it

demanded superiority in product quality and efficiency and it was a well established and

trusted brand name ($5.2 billion in 2004). High switching costs were associated with the

industry as due to established production lines and multibillion dollar commitments, it

would be extremely costly and time consuming for a company to divest into different

technologies and design commitments. When IBM, Toshiba and NEC discovered

problems with their “trenching” method of incorporating cells into tiny chips, they lost

years of development time trying to switch to the “stacking” method. The cost of

production facilities rose to $3 billion and hence created a higher barrier of entry for

smaller level competitors. As most of the capital required in the semiconductor industry

is used in Research and development, it is unrecoverable and enhances the eff...

... middle of paper ... the

administrative barrier and enjoy the same benefits as a regular Chinese firm. They will

also receive easier access to finance, tax incentives and other essential resources to help

them reduce the Chinese competitive advantage. In doing so they must take precautions

to ensure that their technology and intellectual property is not replicated as there are

several flaws in the Chinese administrative system. They could also buyout an

established local Chinese semiconductor firm that has some brand recognition in the

market which could give them a local presence. Lastly, they could cede the lower end of

the market to the Chinese firms and invest in higher value, cutting edge memory products

that would be hard to replicate. All three options would be viable in different ways and

could help Samsung overcome their primary threats.

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