Samsung : A Leading Global Organization Essay

Samsung : A Leading Global Organization Essay

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Samsung has been a leading global organization in technological innovation for more than 70 years. For the entirety of its existence, Samsung has valued their employees by providing them with opportunities to grow within the company and to reach their full potential. They believe their success is derived from the happiness of their employees so they have adopted the philosophy “a company is its people”. (“Values”)
Outlined in the SEC Global Code of Conduct are the expectations of employees and managers at Samsung. Samsung aims to improve the quality of life for their employees. They value diversity and respect the opinions, individuality and human rights of every person within the company. Innovation is cultivated by providing a working environment that stimulates creativity and personal initiative. Additionally, Samsung encourages development and learning of all employees and managers, providing them with equal opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. Employees are motivated by the opportunities presented to them by managers and the potential for promotion. (“SEC”)
Managers are to act as role models to employees, promoting organizational culture and adhering to the code of conduct. By doing so, they are encouraging all employees to pursue and accomplish organizational goals. Samung’s core philosophy is “to devote our talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society” which is guided by their core values “people, excellence, change, integrity, and co-prosperity”. (“Values”) All members, specifically leaders, must use this as a basis for all organizational decisions they make.
Unfortunately, Samsung has not created a perfect place to work though it might ...

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...sity and Inclusion.
Next Generation Leaders encompasses all activities that involve training and improving the skills of current employees as well as recruiting and hiring. Performance-based evaluations are to assess an employee’s work efforts and attitude. This is where decisions are made for promotions or dismissal. They also assesses the need for job enrichment which will aid in innovation. Diversity and Inclusion involves creating unity between members of all ages, backgrounds, genders, religions and even disabilities. They determine the needs of the employees and develop any special programs or accommodations for those needs, such as maternity leave or disabilities. Through this, they created an on-site daycare because they realized the benefits from parents being closer to their children throughout the day and not worrying about childcare costs. (“People” 34-45)

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