Essay on Sampling Methods And Sampling Method

Essay on Sampling Methods And Sampling Method

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There are many sampling methods and each of sampling method has its advantages. Researchers need to select well of the sampling method to improve the data quality and overall results quality. There are a pool of sampling methods to choose from including simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling and cluster sampling (Oulte, 2011). Each sampling method can be applicable at different situations and times. For simple random sampling, it is more suitable applying for when the whole population is available to reach for researchers; for the stratified sampling, it is more appropriate when there are specific sub-groups which has direct relationships with the research objectives; for the systematic sampling, it is more appropriate when there is a stream of representative people for researchers to reach; and last for cluster sampling, it can be used when the population is divided into several regions but it is significance to collect their information for the research objectives (Oulte, 2011). It is not appropriate to say that each method enjoys more priority, but it is important for researchers to select the suitable one.
For this research, the author invites Chinese friends who own a Taobao shop to take part in this research and the author also asked these friends to send questionnaires to their friends so that sufficient data can be generated. During the sampling method is the stratified sampling method by focusing on the staffs working in Alibaba group(Taobao shop). All the samples are 40 Chinese. This helps the researchers better connect the research objectives to the data collected information.

3.4 Ethical considerations

Some ethical issues that arise in the research process are: safeguarding the privacy of...

... middle of paper ...

...China based on the work experiences in Alibaba(Taobao)?” which aims to examine the most significant challenges faced by Taobao when operating in China. Four alternatives are presented named privacy issues, customer trust issues, delivery issues and legal barriers as issues. From the results, it can be found that most of the staffs perceive the customer trust issues are the most significant one influencing the operational situation of the Alibaba group in China in the electronic commerce industry. Delivery issues and privacy issues are the other two which are perceived as the influential factors forming the challenging aspects of Alibaba’s operations. This means that among the four factors, it is hard for Alibaba group to monitor the customer trust issues and delivery issues during the operational process.

Figure 3: Perceived challenging in the delivery process

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