Sampling Method Using Sampling Technique Essay

Sampling Method Using Sampling Technique Essay

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Sampling Technique
The sampling method used in this experiment was transect sampling. Six evenly spaced transects were selected for this study, with three on each side of the path. Each group was assigned one transect to collect samples along various points. Transects were approximately 50m in length. Samples were taken at three different points along each transect, at 5m, 30m, and 50m. At the first point of sampling at 5m, 4 beat samples were taken, and 2 pitfall traps were set about 1 meter apart from each other. For each of the 30m and 50m sampling point, 4 sweep samples were collected.
The purpose of doing this experiment the second week was to firstly, collect the pitfall samples, and secondly, avail the larger sample size after the second week. The larger sample size ensured that the results of the experiment were more significant, since sampling for two weeks is better than sampling for one week. Each group had a total of 12 vials from the first week and 14 vials from the second week. As a result, the contents of 26 vials were analyzed. The insects in the vials were i...

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