Essay on Sample Resume : The Postal Survey

Essay on Sample Resume : The Postal Survey

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Generally, 72 percent of members were satisfied with the club, which is 7 percent below other clubs. However, it is evident that the NCRCC operations are not meeting member expectations. Focus groups generated negative comments such that NCRCC offered less attractive services than the full services found at the competition and members believed they received a reduced level of service than expected for a private country club. Likewise, the postal survey exposed a general dissatisfaction with dining facility and operations. Regarding the dining facility, 27 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with the speed of service and 19 percent dissatisfied with staff professionalism. Members also reported that meal prices were higher than prices of those found at similar local restaurants (32 percent lunch, 47 percent dinner). Of members surveyed, 41 percent favored expanding the bar or lounge. Similarly, 95 percent of respondents desired a casual adult dining atmosphere, while 78 percent favored a casual family dining facility.
To address dissatisfied with service speed and staff professionalism, management must take proactive measures regarding employees and the customer service environment. Going beyond providing adequate service, a recommendation is to realign management to improve customer satisfaction and employee behaviors. Consequently, NCRCC can adopt a strategy to maximize the human capital and, therefore, increase the operational efficiency to develop and strengthen a competitive advantage (Bontis, Richards, & Serenko, 2011). Management must implement measures to manage and prevent long customer wait times before and after the dining (Choi & Sheel, 2012). Management can also institute job-related task training prog...

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...vities can divert their attention away from negative influencers and teach positive skills and competencies (Mason et al., 2009). Moreover, children that engage in activities are more likely to experience a higher quality family relationship (Mason et al., 2009). To capitalize on a family or children focus and generate a greater return on their investment, NCRCC must pursue activities for families or children.
The recommendations to NCRCC board would favor the inclusion of activities for adults, families with children, and children alike to generate greater member satisfaction and attract younger members. Perhaps NCRCC can conduct a kid friendly cooking class, or develop a mixed age sports team to compete against local country clubs, or conduct a 5k run to encourage involvement and activity across all ages. Either way, management must incorporate activities for

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