Sample Resume : Professional Nursing Essay

Sample Resume : Professional Nursing Essay

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Over the course of this semester, I have learned such an array of important matters and aspects of nursing that will help me in the future. Among these topics were learning how to prepare for and take the NCLEX, learning how to manage stress and about self-care, learning how to be open-minded and realize one’s privileges, learning about the definition of nursing as well as nursing theorists, and learning about a plethora of options in the nursing field. Through discussing and thinking about these matters, I feel as though I have become a totally different person than I was at the beginning of the semester.
I entered Introduction to Professional Nursing having already been accepted into the USM School of Nursing. That being said, I didn’t take anything away from the class when we went over the process of entering the program; however, it was nice to go over the plan of study for each semester in the program and how each class will prepare us for the NCLEX. I will be starting my nursing labs next semester, so I am feeling a little anxious about all of the material I will be expected to learn and then remembering it all for the NCLEX. These feelings first surfaced at the beginning of this semester when we started taking about the NCLEX: “I know I shouldn’t worry about the difficulty and amount of the material I will need to know for the NCLEX now, but it is a bit frightening to know that in less than two and half years I will be expected to know so much” (Meserve, 9/17/15). While I still feel the weight of the NCLEX on my shoulders as I progress into the nursing labs, this class has taught me to take care of that stress using various methods.
Stress, and managing stress, has been a topic that we have brought up many times thr...

... middle of paper ... clinicals so I am really able to take in each area of nursing and then decide where I belong. I do know, however, that I will return to school after becoming an RN to earn a Masters degree and become and NP.
Besides the content of this class, I really enjoyed the format. First, I was so happy with the hybrid style of this class, it was nice to be able to see my classmates face-to-face some weeks, and the others be able to sleep in a little! The weekly write and posts were a nice way of wrapping up the homework assignments and class discussions each week, and they really helped with learning APA formatting. The projects and essays for this class allowed us to get a little creative, which felt so amazing among all the dull assignments I was completing for my other classes. Overall, I was very pleased with this class and everything I was able to take out of it!

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