Essay on Sample Resume : Professional Development Plan

Essay on Sample Resume : Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan:
Stapelberg, N - 13006992
1. Purpose

The engineering profession is one that is dedicated to finding solutions to problems varying in complexity in order to simplify the living of humanity. With such a highly recognized and valued profession comes great responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of the ones affected as well as ensuring the standard and reputation of the profession is upheld.

This document serves as future candidate engineer (FCE), Mr Neil Stapelberg 's, plan for the registration as Professional Mechanical Engineer with ECSA and includes one complete Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Cycle of five years. For the rest of the document Mr Stapelberg will be referred to as the FCE. No reference shall be made to any administrative aspects as these are clearly prescribed by ECSA and will simply be followed at the appropriate time.
2. Directions
The FCE has always had a passion for vehicle engineering. Due to failing a first year module the FCE will only be doing his final year research project in 2017. A project relating to vehicle engineering will be the FCE 's preference.
3. Commitments
The FCE received financial support from his parents and thus has no financial commitments towards any company. This is advantageous in the sense that the FCE is free to take on any preferred job opportunity. However it may be difficult to find a job whereas bursary holders are ensured of a job after completing their studies. The FCE is interested in travelling abroad in order to gain experience contributing towards becoming a Professional Engineer. Thus far no such opportunity has presented itself but once the FCE graduates the applications will be taken more seriously.
4. Candidate Devel...

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