Essay about Sample Resume : Pharmacy School

Essay about Sample Resume : Pharmacy School

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Yesterday night when I texted you so much I was out of control, and completely inappropriate. There is so much I want to say to you, but its too late, so I 'll say only what I can here.

We had no future in Michigan, and when I left it was too hard for you to see our future.
Leaving you and losing you now has destroyed me, and it was never the plan. I didn 't have a plan. I just knew we had to move forward, and work together to move beyond Michigan, but I failed you in so many aspects, and was completely untrue to myself.

I should have listened to my gut in LA, and never started pharmacy school to begin with. I chose pharmacy school as a way to build career in pk/pd with a backup plan as a pharmacist. I knew, in case of failure, that pharmacy would bring a better life for us monetarily, so we could get to the next stage of our life. I realize, a lesson I should have learned many times before, not to chase money and security for happiness.

We had a future together, and what happened in Michigan was a mistake. I know you can 't erase it, but that 's not how it would ever be ...

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