Essay on Sample Resume : Pharmacy Program

Essay on Sample Resume : Pharmacy Program

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Many different factors were taken into consideration when I was deciding which pharmacy program I should strive to attend. These factors included, most importantly, the quality of education that the program would provide, as well as the cost of attendance and housing and location. In order for me to achieve my goal of becoming an exceptional pharmacist and an integral member of the healthcare team, the Doctor of Pharmacy program that I attend should provide me with a quality education and challenge me to develop more than just the essential qualities of a pharmacist in order to prepare me for my future career. What attracts me the most to the University of Michigan College (UMich) of Pharmacy’s PharmD program is that it provides me with the education, training, and the bountiful resources I need to become not only to become an exceptional pharmacist, but to prepare me for success in the hospital setting as a hospital pharmacist.
The education provided by University of Michigan’s PharmD program will not only prepare me to become a leader in the pharmacy profession, but enable me to be successful in any setting. One aspect of the UMich PharmD program’s curriculum that is appealing to me is the emphasis on active learning. Personally, actively being engaged in the material is the best method for me to learn and understand the material. A program that I joined during my time at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) was the Academic Excellence (ACE) program. ACE is a program that is based on having the students actively participate in problem solving sessions and peer mentoring. Being engaged in activities pertaining to the material being taught allows me to test and solidify my understanding of the material. Active learnin...

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...t hospital pharmacist. Furthermore, these student organizations would allow me to form close-knit relationships with other students within the UMich’s PharmD program, allowing us to collaborate and support each other in order to succeed.
Many different factors were taken into consideration when choosing to which pharmacy degree program I would apply. Many aspects of UMich’s PharmD program attract me to it, including the emphasis on active learning, flexibility on exploring personal interests, interprofessional education, pharmacy practice experiences, and abundant resources. For all these reasons and many more, University of Michigan’s Pharmacy Degree program will provide me with a wholesome experience that will help me grow academically, professionally and personally as well as develop the skillsets and competencies required for me to excel as a hospital pharmacist.

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