Sample Resume On Hotel Guest Satisfaction Report Essay

Sample Resume On Hotel Guest Satisfaction Report Essay

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$12,187,505.00; therefore, a heavy amount of debt (from refurbishing) on top of this one is generally not a wise long-term strategic decision.
To further demonstrate the estimation, below are table with clear numbers and calculation for outstanding debt amount:

Y1 $ 812,499.00
Y2 $ 812,499.00
Y3 $ 812,499.00
Y4 $ 812,499.00
Y5 $ 812,499.00

TOTAL amount to be paid in 5 year planning $ 4,062,495.00

Amount to be paid from Y2 - Y5 $ 3,249,996.00

Total amount left after Y5 $ 12,187,505.00
After deep examinations throughout a 10 month period form Y1, our hotel Guest Satisfaction Report always comes out to be extremely low every month; the biggest cause come from guest low satisfaction is from our Facilities, Services and Public space area. Our Owner/Previous management team has already tried to explain and informed us from the Property Description that the hotel facilities have not been refurbished since opening (that is a 10 year-period).
To further demonstrate the information, below are table with clear numbers for hotel report:
Guest Satisfaction
Room Refurbishment49.0%49.3%
Public Space Refurbishment37.0%41.4%
Guest Service93.0%82.0%
Therefore, starting Y2, to keep up with competition and to fulfill that needs from guests’, we are planning to start off with adding a new (1) Retail Shop, a new (2) Valet Parking system, and update to a higher level of (3) Guest Room Internet. These are first of all, short-term project with very minimum capital investment fund required; therefore, if our hotel starting with all three projects on January; on February, we would already have new services completed to serve gue...

... middle of paper ... profit of Rooms Revenue at least 20-30%, with the aid of theme restaurant, spa, high speed internet, lobby renovation, etc. Rooms Revenue often yield 75-85% of our hotel total Revenue (base solely on simulation Y1 data and reports), Restaurant and Beverage only yield around 15% in Revenue, and with 2000 spare feet of meeting space, generally only yield 6%. Restaurant cost always hold a large percentages of its revenue, therefore profit is not significant. Therefore focus on the area that yield most profit, adding feature that bring revenue but won’t create addition cost and expense in a long run, we believe that best customers service is what is it all about, to provide what the guest really want and really needs, so instead of going out of the norm, try giving guest what they really need at first.
To further demonstration, below are table from Y1-Revenue %:

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