Essay Sample Resume : Job Analysis

Essay Sample Resume : Job Analysis

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To begin generating solutions, I would first take advice recommended by Gatewood, Field, and Barrick (2011) in that I would first perform a job analysis on the positions that I am trying to recruit for. To conduct this job analysis, I would gather data about the position’s necessary KSA’s by completing in-person interviews with SMEs in an individual or group setting, utilizing a structured interview to obtain clear results. The job analysis will give me information regarding relevant job performance dimensions and identification of KSA’s necessary for the job. However, the job analysis must be conducted fully from a legally, defensible standpoint. Gatewood, Field, and Barrick (2011) recommend a variety of ways to accomplish this ranging from utilization of a professional job analyst, to making sure KSAs are mentioned most frequently as the type of information to be identified through the analysis. From this, I will then be able to formulate a complete and proper job description that gives applicants a realistic job preview and also allows me to develop relevant selection devices. My next step would involve taking a look at the previous recruiting strategies used by On-Demand Transport to evaluate their effectiveness and areas of improvement. By utilizing historical data, I will also be able to show improved effectiveness of my recruiting solutions.
To demonstrate the effectiveness of my recruitment plan, I would use advice from Gatewood, Field, and Barrick (2011). They recommended a series of recruitment metrics to get a more complete picture of the recruitment effectiveness. I would first look to evaluate the past recruitment strategies so I able to compare the newly implemented recruiting plan to the old strategies used by On D...

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...ning and experience evaluations for selection procedures. As Gatewood, Field, and Barrick (2011) talked about in their section on T&E evaluations, T&E evaluation are helpful in making quick, initial screening decisions, especially when there are large amounts of applications to sort through. With On-Demand Transport, their goal is to increase the effectiveness of their selection procedures and while T&E evaluations have been shown to have a high amount of reliability (>.80), validity measures have shown a modest coefficient. A big caveat with the measure is that they are also time consuming, the applicant needs analytical and writing skills, and there are accuracy concerns especially if desirability of answers would be apparent to the applicant. Overall, I believe the cost-benefit is too great and wouldn’t supply On Demand Transport with the best bang for their buck.

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