Sample Resume : Human Resources Manager Essay

Sample Resume : Human Resources Manager Essay

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Human Resources Manager: Good morning Ms. Sarah Gillian. Welcome to our organization. It is an owner to have you to join in our team. I also appreciate your initiative to arrange a meeting with me. In your email, you have informed me that you require discussing the most important points related to your new role as a line manager in this department.

Line Manager: Good morning, Ms. Paula Smithson. Yes, I think as a new employee that only has working experience in the public sector, I need your guide to show me those pivotal things. By this knowledge, I thought that I can acknowledge some key differences between human resources practices in the public sector and private sectors. I assume it will be useful for my future role as a line manager here.

Human Resources Manager: Ok, Sarah. As a line manager, you are an agent of organization. Thus, employees will have a direct relationship with your staffs included in conducting human resource practices. Thus, you should consider some pivotal points in this context, especially in human resource planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, and training and development. In terms of the first point, government can still intervene this process due to unemployment, inflation or the other factors. This intervention can create a problem on human resource planning due to it is possible to endure over-staffing while we have to face a budget constrain at the same time.

Line Manager: So, it seems that it will be more difficult to formulate human resource planning in the public sector. Whereas, we know that a well-prepared of human resource planning will ensure our organization to attain productivity and profitability. In the public sector, it may relate to an efficiency of workforc...

... middle of paper ... due to it is more difficult to get rid of underperformance employee.

Line Manager: In terms of long-term employment, we have a similar opinion. In the private sector, employees do not have a job security. Hence, they will apply any efforts to ensure that they can secure their job or position through continuous development. In this context, I think as a line manager, I will encourage my staffs to consider the same things with their colleagues in the private sector. I assume that the promotion policy in the public sector has considered an improving competencies rather than only rely on the seniority.

Human Resources Manager: Good point, Sarah. Is there any questions?

Line Manager: No, Paula. I think it is enough for me. If I have any other questions, I will ask you by email or request for meeting like this. Thank you, Paula

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