Sample Resume : Graduate School Essay

Sample Resume : Graduate School Essay

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The goal of this assignment is to enhance my knowledge about graduate school. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology I plan to get a master degree and then eventually get a doctorates PH.D. Degree in Psychology. I plan to attend graduate school for numerous of reasons. The first reason why I want to attend graduate school is a personal reason. I went to college so that my whole family and especially my grandma would be proud of me. My grandma was recently sick and died 2 years ago and I feel like she would not want me to give up and to keep going so that I can be successful in life. So in other words I want to continue my education so that she would be proud of me as she watch over me from heaven. The next reason is personal growth. AS I got older I feel like I 'm a lifelong learners and I have the desire to add to their knowledge and challenge myself academically. I like to learn new information and challenge my knowledge at a higher level. The last reason is with a graduate degree you have a better chance getting an excellent job and a higher pay. I personal want a job with an excellent pay so that I will not have to struggle to pay my bills and so that my family will be financially taken care of also.
Yes! I know that there is some pros and cons to going to graduate school. Some pros of attending a graduate school would be an advance in a career. Like I previously stated, a grad degree can open up a wider array of career opportunities especially in psychology, social work, and healthcare. The next pro is Career change. Most people are finding hat their current careers is unrewarding. A higher degree can help transition to another career with a higher pay. The last pro would be a Find teaching opportunities. No...

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... me to speak to someone in admission office, so that they can direct you in the right pathway to becoming a successful graduate student. Then, you would have to take the "GRE" and fill out a graduate application to the school in which you is trying to attend. Then you would have to send in your test score along with your academic transcript. Some graduate school would also make you pay an application fee which is usually $20.00- $100.00. On the other hand, some graduates school also makes you write an essay called “Word Statement of Purpose”. Word statement essay is an essay in which the graduate student must include personal characteristics/disposition, professional goals, your academic background, research, work/volunteer experience and why you? Lastly the graduate student would also need three recommendations letters and a copy of their current up to date resume.

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