Sample Resume : Chef Sipho Essay

Sample Resume : Chef Sipho Essay

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- Hey, you can 't be here.
- Says who?

Guess who I found trying to steal?

Where 's Pretty 's calculator?
You thief!

Chef Sipho, how many times have I told you...

to always have your set of knives with you?

Apologies, Chef.

I 'll have to fail you.

I said things I shouldn 't have said about you.
I 'm sorry, Mr Kgomo.

It 's clear that the two of you
can 't work together.

I have to let one of you go.

Wow, Sister!

Since when do you drink coffee?

- Black coffee, at that?
- Brother, I need it.

I don 't know what 's waiting for me at work.

That 's if I still have a job.

So you actually think that...

Mr Kgomo will fire you and Mma Kunutu?

- Brother, he 'd never joke about that.
- No, Sister.

Don 't worry.

They say...

'Last in, first out. ' That means...

Mma Kunutu must get fired.

Mma Kunutu won 't get fired.

He 's very fond of her, Brother!

He even complimented her on the way
she was dressed on her first day at work.

No, Sister. That means nothing.

You 're much more experienced than Mma Kunutu
at this job.

But I 've brought this onto myself, you know.

And Mr Kgomo was waiting for me
to make just one mistake, and then fire me.

Don 't worry. You didn 't do anything wrong.

He found out that I said...

he gave Mma Kunutu a job in order
to stop Alfred from suing the hospital.

- What?
- Yes.

I don 't know how he found out.

But, Sister, no!

How could you do something like that?

I really don 't know how you 'll get yourself
out of this mess.

People from Turfloop have a problem.

The problem is that they don 't take
the Mabitselas seriously.

But I know you 'll change all of that, Son.

Leshole, what 's wrong?

Papa, I don 't know what else to do.

Everyone at school thinks
that I stole the calculator.

They wa...

... middle of paper ... released!



Hello, Papa.

- Have I mistreated you lately?
- You 've been good to me, Papa.

Sit down.

Haven 't I been helping you
with your schoolwork?

You have. What 's wrong?

- So why do you tell people that I beat you?
- People?

- Which people?
- You know who I 'm talking about.

Your principal was here, threatening me.

Don 't just sit there, staring at me.

You 're actually very ungrateful.

- After everything I 've done for you!
- I 'm sorry, Papa.

I didn 't mean to tell Principal.

- It was a slip of the tongue.
- It 's too late for that!

Do you know what will happen
if they take you away or arrest me?

Do you want to go live with your principal?

I lost your mother...

and my life was almost destroyed.
And now you want to finish me off by leaving me!

Can you see what you 've done?

You see? You 've upset me so much
that I want a drink.

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