Essay on Sample Resume : Becoming A Hr Organization

Essay on Sample Resume : Becoming A Hr Organization

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My aim in gaining CIPD Certificate is to confirm my experience in HR field, gained outside of UK, where I was working as a HR and Recruitment Team Leader for four years in a large organisation, in information technology industry. By this course I want to give foundation to my further development in human resources. Currently I am working for a large not for profit organisation as a HR Coordinator, supporting HR Director, Head of HR Operation and HR Advisors and being first point of contact for employees.

Activity 1.1. HR Professional Map with comment on chosen part.

The HR Professional Map was introduced in 2009, as an effect of years of research and cooperation of organisations around the world. It came from the need to establish standards for effective and successful HR Practitioners, professionals and organisations. The Map is built from concentric layers, each layer is covered by 4 bands. The layers consists of 10 professional areas, including 2 core areas and 8 professional area in middle layer, and 10 behaviours building the outer sphere.

To me HR Map sets principles and values for businesses, a code of conduct for professionals, that are applicable in wider than HR perspective. It establishes main functions of human resources in organisation. The Map is a tool that can show individual and organisational current level and places, that require development.

Profession Map with membership levels_tcm1037-2666_w1024_n.jpg

1.1.HR Professional Map ® CIPD 2015 – Available from [Accessed:2016]

From my point of view four bands of the Map identify contribution to organisation in accordance with individual level of development. While HR Practitioner develops itself, she/he is bringing more value to organisat...

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...ast one depends on skills of HR Practitioner in handling customer’s complaints. How to achieve this? Usually I try to recognise unhappy customer quickly in order to adjust my responses accordingly. Firstly I make a place in a conversation for the customer’s unhappiness. My role is minor at this stage it is all about customer and what causes his dissatisfaction. Handling complaint is all about listening actively, being empathetic, addressing concerns, showing understanding and collecting facts. At this stage I try not to be on any side, I set myself as if I were a friend of my dissatisfied customer, so I listen actively and with empathy. It works for me as my unhappy customer usually calms down. Then I establish facts and address concerns in a professional manner. Finally I bring solutions to problem, to meet customer’s expectation and balance them business abilities.

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