Sample Letter For Selecting Libbey Law Firm Essay

Sample Letter For Selecting Libbey Law Firm Essay

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Thank you for selecting Libbey Law Firm to serve as your counsel in the above matter. It will be our privilege to provide quality legal services on your behalf. Communication and understanding are the foundation to any attorney-client relationship. For this reason, this letter will serve as written confirmation, detailing the nature and terms of our representation. If you have any questions regarding this letter, or any questions pertaining to your case, I have enclosed business cards which include all contact information for me and attorney, Larry Libbey.

The scope of representation will include representation of Ravenswood Construct, LLC for the purposes of the breach of contract and unjust enrichment case against the Chicago Cubs Organization. In future correspondences, your case may be referred to as the “matter,” “case,” or “engagement.” The extent of this engagement only includes the legal issues stated above and does not include any subsequent appeals relating to the instant case, nor any future non-related matters that you may encounter.

The relationship between an ...

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