Sample Essay - My Four Letter Type Of Extraverted Meaning They Enjoy People And Social Environments

Sample Essay - My Four Letter Type Of Extraverted Meaning They Enjoy People And Social Environments

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1. My four letter type is ESFJ. E is for extraverted meaning they enjoy people and social environments. S is for sensing; as an ESFJ I focus on the black and the white versus any gray area. Instead of seeing the middle of the good and the bad they just see good and bad. F for feeling. ENFJ’s most often deal with things according to how they feel them. J standing for judging and being aware of surroundings that can lead to affecting decisions that an ENFJ makes.
2. I definitely feel like this is an accurate description of my personality. I work in a restaurant where I thrive because of my ability to interact positively in social situations. I tend to see only two sides of problems and situations. Either the right decision, or the wrong decision. The gray area doesn’t exist when I sit down to make decisions and I tend to think that I only have two options. I also have the habit of making decisions (rather rash or not) based off of how I feel at the moment when the question is asked. My emotions affect how I react to decisions in the moment and sometimes these decisions aren’t always the correct ones. As a person who judges situations before and thinks as an introvert they want control of their environment and I seek organization and planning in advance and a lot of structure.
3. Nursing, social work, and management.
4. I never thought of myself as someone who could be a nurse. I enjoy people and spending time where I get to interact with lots of different people from different environments. And I most definitely have a mothering nature. I’ve always been deemed the mother figure in my friend groups. I also always thought that I wasn’t smart enough or dedicated enough to be a nurse but all of these tests say that I have the potential ...

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... if it is actually something I am interested in. I am on the track to get a business management degree which is also listed in my career profile as something that would be a good fit for my personality. To find gainful employment in the nursing field I would reach out to the resources that are at my fingertips. The staff at UAB School of Nursing, the hospital (both UAB and Children’s) that are blocks away from where I spend a good amount of my time during the week and the world class education I can get at UAB to go into the medical field. People come from all over the world to be in the nursing program at UAB and I already have a head start in that area. This month and this semester the best idea would be to do some job shadowing and really learn what the daily life of a registered nurse is like and not depend on medical dramas on television to base my decisions on.

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