Sample Essay : Entering The Sociology Field

Sample Essay : Entering The Sociology Field

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Entering the Sociology Field
In order to assess not only work skills and careers, but personal insight and values, My Plan is an essential tool to any student’s academic future and beyond. In my personality report, I was told that my specific type is INFP. I scored overwhelmingly high as Introverted, which means I tend to look towards my internal thoughts instead of outward actions, leading to people view me as shy or quiet. Introverts are also characterized by their preference to work by themselves, which comes from a strong inner will. I agree completely that I am introverted, since I am said to be shy until I warm up to people, along with my ability to excel in school by making my own study guides. I ranked predominantly Intuitive over Sensor, which suggests that I tend to be creative and can identify complex patterns with ease. Those who are Intuitive tend to look at the world as a whole, asking questions and enjoying learning. I agree that I am Intuitive, as exploring and learning in college is where I thrive. At large, I am a Feeler, which means I value emotions over logic, tending to go with either my heart or gut reactions, which falls in line with being Intuitive as well. Feelers also try to look at both sides and seek peaceful outcomes, although that might not always work. I agree that I am a Feeler, although I can take a Thinker outlook when it comes to some decisions. In the last section, I was split between Judger and Perceiver, but had a slight majority as the latter. Perceivers are flexible and spontaneous enough to take risks. They work well under pressure by being naturally calm. I agree I am a Perceiver, although I can definitely appreciate my Judger qualities, since I find creating a schedules to wor...

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...y give advice on policies (NCONETD, 2015). According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics (2014-15), sociologists work primarily in offices, although research may require them to step outside of that work environment.
Sociology is a field that is facing above-average growth in job openings, growing upwards of 15 percent, although it should be noted that since the field is relatively small this will result in just 400 openings over the course of a decade (BLS, 2014-15). Those with a Ph.D. are more than likely to face competition over those that hold only a bachelor’s or master’s in sociology, since the latter two will find jobs easier in education and other service related fields with the background training of sociology to give them an edge (BLS, 2014-15). Sociologists’ median wages, as of 2014, are $72,810 and earn roughly $35.01 on an hourly basis (NCONETD, 2015).

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