Sample Construction Company Out Of Il Essay example

Sample Construction Company Out Of Il Essay example

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Trevor Ranlett


For my mission statement essay, I chose Krusinski Construction Company out of IL. I chose them because their mission statement seemed intriguing and it is an industry that I am familiar with. Comparing their mission statement with what I have read this week about what a quality mission statement is supposed to accomplish has been interesting. What I have found is that this company’s profile in the public has both been in alignment with their mission statement and omitted some things, which seems like a missed opportunity for them.

From what I have learned as a company operates is day to day business, it is supposed to be in line with its mission statement, its core values, and its bottom line. This leaves me the question does the business model or the mission statement come first? I have not found that yet in anything we have read.

Take the Krusinski Construction Company for example they start simply by stating:

“Krusinski Construction Company is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.”

What does that exactly mean? One of the terms used within the statement is “value-added construction services” that is completely vague and jargon ridden. You have to dig around on the company website to really understand what their intentions really are. Here is my interpretation of that term.

Essentially they are promising to be a partner with the customer thru out the build process. They are trying to separate themselves from the pack of contractors VS. customers as a business model. They are promising a different dynamic between the firm and the customer and the end user. The...

... middle of paper ...

... is done. Part of the simplification of the process is that they create a DVD to explain what needs to be done and when. This sounds like a really pioneering idea.

End of construction. Check. Krusinski has mostly addressed thru their website how they will be in line with the mission statement they have published.

This paper was fun to write and really break down to the core of what a company was trying to communicate, and what they are trying to accomplish in the actual workday. Reading other companies mission statements, I feel like this one was a pretty good example of what one should be. Others for example were pretty vague or excruciatingly specific about what it is they do. Like some mission statements read like some kind of manifesto that no one thinks are interesting. In my opinion the best mission statement examples I read were less than five sentences.

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