Essay on Sample Bibliography : ' Guns On Campus ' A History '

Essay on Sample Bibliography : ' Guns On Campus ' A History '

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Annotated Bibliography
Cramer, Clayton. "Guns On Campus: A History." Academic Questions 27.4 (2014): 411-425. Professional Development Collection. Web. 25 Nov. 2016.
Cramer discusses aspects of legislation in the U.S. that would allow students, employees and even visitors to bring guns in college campuses. He states that the Oregon Court of Appeals has overturned the University of Oregon system 's prohibition on carrying guns (412). It also emphasizes the impact of the legislation to the students and universities in the country. Cramer goes through a brief history of weapons and schools for both Europe (415) and The United States (416).
This source seems to be a good way to start out the paper. It has information on state laws and legislature, and it goes deep into the history of weapons on college campuses. By providing a history of events and source based facts, Cramer has created a useful document for an assignment like this.
LABANC, BRANDI HEPHNER1,2,3, KERRY BRIAN1,2,3 MELEAR, and BRIAN O.1,2,3 HEMPHILL. "The Debate Over Campus-Based Gun Control Legislation." Journal Of College & University Law 40.3 (2014): 397-424. Education Source. Web. 26 Nov. 2016.
The article focuses on a debate over gun control legislation for campuses in the U.S. The topics discussed include: the Second Amendment of the U.S. Supreme Court on individual 's right to possess firearms (401), the firearm-related legislation passed in four states in 2013 affecting higher education public institutions in Alaska, Arkansas and Texas, and stand of the University of Alabama in 2013 to ban the use of gun in campuses including athletic events (403), and Arguments for conceal carry on college campuses (408). This article is simply a roadmap to all the changes that...

... middle of paper ...

...11): 71-77. Education Source. Web. 27 Nov. 2016.
This source runs through the effects of the VT shooting (71) and how it has changed America’s gun laws. Through the Supreme Court and their reaction (72), this article weaves the sad tale from the effects of that day. Not only does it touch on gun laws across the nation, but it reveals insight into the future of gun laws (75). Lastly, the article goes through security measures for schools (75).
A great well written article that seems clairvoyant for its time. Created in 2011, it successfully predicted that the struggle for gun control would seemingly go on indefinitely. The main use for this article stems from its “time-line” like description. Using this article, the proposal can lay out the foundation that started all the talk for gun control by simply following the order of events that let up to this moment in time.

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