Essay on Same-Sex Parents and Their Children

Essay on Same-Sex Parents and Their Children

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Same-sex parents and their children
Nowadays, the question of gay marriage is one of the most heated and controversial. Over the years, same-sex couples are fighting for the legal recognition for their marriages and their right as parents. Parenthood is one of the most valuable experiences in a human life. After finding a partner, it is natural for people to want to raise children. Homosexual parent are the same in ability and commitment to raised healthy children. It would be a big step for improvement in our society to provide necessary support and rights for same-sex couples and their children.
“According to the 2000 Census, there are approximately 594,000 same-sex partner households and there are children living in approximately 27 percent of those households (” Number of these children continues to rise. Some couples bring their children from their previous heterosexual or same-sex relationships. Some of them adopt or use donor insemination or surrogacy. Although, the ability of gay and lesbian couples to be effective parents has been questioned, many researches showed that the children raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers did not differ from the children raised by “traditional” heterosexual unions.
In their study of children adopted by gay and lesbian couples Erich and his colleagues (2005) observed 68 families which parents were gay or lesbian and 43 families which parents were heterosexual. They reported, “no significant differences in children’s conduct or in family functioning associated with parental sexual orientation (Erich et al., 2005).” There were many other researches done on the matter of gay parenting paying close attention to children’s personal development and social relationshi...

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