Same Sex Marriage Is Touched Essay

Same Sex Marriage Is Touched Essay

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Every time the topic of same sex marriage is touched, different opinions are brought up. It is a very controversial subject. Until a few weeks ago it was against the law to be married with someone whom you share the same sex with. Now that it’s legal will it be right to the eyes of many individuals in our surroundings? Perhaps not. What are future problems that we will be facing now that it is legal or which one will we not face? Comparing the norm many of us have grown up to and the changes that we will possibly undergo after a social change. As well as how many finally have obtained the chance to be with their loved one legally after years of waiting. Briefly explaining why religious groups and others who have been raised with a different way of thinking will oppose upon this new law.
Since I can recall family and friends always expressed themselves negatively toward gay individuals. As the years passed the amount of people claiming to be homosexual has incremented drastically. Within the past few years states have authorized same sex marriage. Although many of our citizen feared, and still do that it will affect the wellbeing of our society by becoming a social conflict. Many believe it will vanish social traditions we’ve held up prior to homosexuals coming out of the closet. Those traditions are the usual we mostly see in regular families, female and male marriage and children having different sex parents. To what certain extend should we hold to constrain their individual right to love and be liberal with their partner of the same sex? Would it be constitutional only to have them from obtaining a license to marriage just to preserve conservative beliefs we’ve held for so long? There will be many different opinions toward ...

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...lly, opposite-sex marriage is a social practice. Not a conflict as many stress to be. Regardless of norms we are accustomed to we need to be more open minded about these relationships. Accept that it isn’t a conflict. Just as any other behaviors and beliefs change throughout the years, this should too. Therefore, it is necessary to set aside religious issues to look at this debate from a legal standpoint and learn to be compassionate. We all understand and know the meaning behind marriage, what it symbolizes commitment and devotion to a partner. Just as we are allowed to show such symbolism to our partners then they should as well be allowed to do the same without raising eyebrows. So let 's get on with it. Let 's get over our aversion to what we oppose for fear of change, irrational reasons, based on misjudging, faulty assumptions, and make it an honorable society.

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