Same Sex Marriage Is The United States Essay

Same Sex Marriage Is The United States Essay

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It 's 2015, same sex marriage is legalized in the U.S., yet not all adoption agencies allow homosexual couples to adopt. It is only allowed by law to have homosexuals to a joint adoption in 11 states. Adoption has been around since the 1920’s and has been a way to help orphan children gain a family. Not everyone is willing to adopt, whether it is because they don 't want a child, or they have children of their own, and it is not in their budget to adopt another. In the end there is still a large quantity of orphaned children hoping and waiting for a chance to be loved and welcomed by a family. There is an estimated amount of 153 million orphans world -wide and there are 397,122 children in the United States without a permanent family or a home. There is a way to fix that by allowing gay couples to adopt. Throughout the years America has proven their acceptance to homosexual couples. Therefore, helping gays become more open with their sexual orientation. Openly gay couples have come along way with helping the legalization of same sex marriage and are now looking forward to having a family of their own. Many couples look forward to adopting, but gay adoption is not legal in some parts of the country, let alone the world. Many children without a home await the opportunity to be adopted. Along with many couples who crave the chance at adopting them, but are prohibited from doing so. These couples have done nothing wrong, and are perfect candidates to become parents, but are banned from doing so because of their sexual orientation. Gay adoption will help make both the children and the couples are happy. Gay adoption should be legalized nationwide, because anyone who is willing, and capable of being a parent should be given that chanc...

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...ily bond. The catholic church feels that gay parents are selfish for keeping the children from having both a female and male figure in his or her life. The church fails to realize that single parents don’t have a co-parent to help them raise their child. Which leaves the child without a mother or father figure to influence the child. Although the church has no say in the legalization of passing a law on gay adoption many are influenced by the church to vote against it. Which violates the first amendment of separation of church and state.

There are many fair arguments as to why gay couples don’t make appropriate parent. Like how heterosexual couples are more common than homosexual couples and how it would affect the child’s social life. Another argument is if and when the child is ready to pursue a relationship with the opposite sex they won’t know how to act .

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