Essay on Same Sex Marriage Is A Common Social Problem

Essay on Same Sex Marriage Is A Common Social Problem

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Same-sex Marriage
Inequality based on sexual orientation is a common social problem people encounter every day of our lives. A lot of our societies have seen discrimination based on sexual orientation and it has become a spread out issue in many states. Because of this, same-sex marriages have been a serious concern to society. Gay marriage is looked upon as a major social problem within our society today and I will discuss the view of two major social theories which are symbolic interactionsim and functional analysis.
Symbolic interactionism is about the belief that interactions are established based on symbols, language, and objects which are mutually understood (Goffman 1966: 143). This theory analyzes how people shape and describe their reality in different viewpoints of social interaction. People tend to view gays/lesbians as unnatural or immoral. Different societies have their own perspectives on gay marriage. For example in Holland the acceptance of gays being married is very high, but in Nigeria it is considered a crime and not accepted at all. In Nigeria if you are confronted and have revealed that you are gay, you may be sentenced to jail for up to 14 years. The President of the U.S. has a major impact on the people of this country in every society. Obama supports gay rights and this can or already has made an impact on people. Having a President that supports gay marriage can lead to a more equal and accepting society, since he is our country’s leader. This can encourage the people that live in the U.S. to have more unity and be free from prejudice of sexual orientation. As of June 01, 2015 there are 37 states that have officially accepted same-sex marriage.
Functionalists believe that society is held together by soci...

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...ourt has made in America.
Functionalists can still express their point of view, but American society has come a long way to change the laws to accepting the rights of same-sex marriage. People can freely marry anyone they wish no matter the gender or race and it’s legal whether functionalists like it or not. Today is June 26, 2015 the day that same-sex marriage became legal nationwide, and society will never be the same. This issue has been resolved legally, but we can’t change the way people think because we all have our own opinions and beliefs. Functionalists can still view family and one man and one woman with children. The way that society is going now, with fighting for their rights and for change, maybe functionalists will change their views and update their opinions. Same-sex marriage will still have people against it, but at least now it is legal in America.

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