Essay about Same Sex Marriage And Medical Marijuana

Essay about Same Sex Marriage And Medical Marijuana

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Over time, the majority public opinion changes. This is how the United States government has made huge achievements with same sex marriage and legalizing medical marijuana. Big changes in public opinion started with the millennial generation and with that the government took action in introducing new laws such as legalizing same sex marriage and medical marijuana. Public opinion can be described as “simply the sum of individual beliefs and opinions” (Morone and Kersh 191). Americans acquire their own public opinion through several different sources: self-interest, demography, party preference, political elites, and certain events.
To start off, the public opinion of the American people are shaped by their own self-interest. “Some experts believe that economic self-interest matters most. Whether you are rich or poor, you will try to increase your wealth. According to this perspective, people with more money will vote for lower taxes, and people with less will vote for more social programs” (Morone and Kersh 191). Of course, not one hundred percent of rich and poor people will vote that way, it is just a tendency, but with that said, we can unquestionably claim that people are influenced by their self-interests. Scholars find out “… public opinion does not simply spring out of people’s wallets… [but] wealthier people do on average, tend to vote Republican. Poorer Americans generally vote for Democrats” (Morone and Kersh 193). Economic self-interest is not the only factor that influences public opinion.
Secondly, Americans public opinion is shaped by demography such as their race, gender, age, ethnicity, and level of education. These are very strong influential sources on public opinion. For example, Morone and Kersh give answers ...

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...m Britain against Germany after World War II broke out- until December 7, 1941. On that day, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, galvanizing public support for the war effort” (Morone and Kersh 196). During times of war there is a strong sense of nationalism amongst the people, but as wars drag on the people tend to disapprove.
Over all, the public opinion of Americans is influenced by numerous factors, such as: economic self-interest, age, race, gender, level of education, family, friends, party preference, political events, and certain events such as wars. Public opinion guides the way government acts. The public opinion is made up of people who are politically active in expressing their opinions. This is why some argue that public opinion is an “unreliable, even dangerous, guide to government policy making, based in part on voter ignorance” (Morone and Kersh 205).

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