Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration: The Role of Federalism Essay

Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration: The Role of Federalism Essay

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Throughout recent years, two major issues have become prevalent in the United States, followed by increasing debate of whether they should be regulated by the federal government or state governments: same-sex marriage and immigration. Although the federal government has attempted to deal with same-sex marriage in the past, it has become evident that the public is not in agreement over this issue, rendering the efforts of the federal government to be ineffective and stagnant. Additionally, with an ever increasing flow of immigrants, the federal government is unable to regulate immigration well, leaving states to deal with many problems themselves. Therefore, it has become apparent to the American public that despite the federal government’s efforts to handle the issues of same-sex marriage and immigration, the effects have not had a major impact, leaving the state governments to control situations presented by these issues.
In the past, gay rights were nonexistent and homosexuals faced an overwhelming amount of discrimination. Among all minority groups, “gay activists may face the toughest battle for equality.”( Simply on the basis of their sexuality, homosexuals often face discrimination in the workplace, education, housing, and access to public places. ( Although one would expect the government, of all institutions, to treat all people equally, homosexuality in the military was once met with strong opposition. Prior to it being recently repealed under the Obama administration, the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy in the United States military banned open homosexuality among its members. This policy that lasted almost twenty years allowed men and women to serve in the armed forces, so long as they...

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