Same Sex Marriage : America, One Grows Up Learning About The American Dream

Same Sex Marriage : America, One Grows Up Learning About The American Dream

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Same Sex Marriage in America
Living in America, one grows up learning about the “American Dream.” One husband, a wife, two kids, and a family dog are what come to mind when thinking about this American Cliché. America as we know it has always been known as a melting pot of people. From African Americans, Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, etc. There are people from all nationalities represented here which can make one as “Who does the American Dream really stand for?” For many years there has been a controversial issue amongst Americans, same-sex marriage rights. Same-sex marriage has made many questions “Are there really free rights for all, does same-sex marriage represent what is American?” In my opinion, same-sex marriage is American, and gives all Americans an equal right to marriage.
Same-sex marriage has come a long way as far as court cases and laws. The main law that put a hindrance on same-sex marriage was DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA, which was put into place in 1996, defended the definition of traditional marriage. DOMA permitted territory, and states to “ give effect to any public art, record, judicial proceeding of any other state, respecting a relationship between persons of the same-sex that is treated as a marriage under the laws of such other states (To the president).” DOMA also defined marriage as far as any “act of congress, or of any ruling, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus of the United States as only a legal union between one man and woman as husband and wife (To the president).” DOMA effected the same-sex marriage movement because many rights and benefits are bestowed upon the speaking of the sacred vows of marriage (Kanotz). Inheritance rights, medical decision-ma...

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... bulk of the states where it was not legalized were in the South. According to research done by the Pews Research Center, opinions about same-sex marriage are also closely linked to political affiliation (Public). For example, opposition to same-sex marriage is lowest amongst democrats at a rate of 41% and highest amongst republicans at a rate of 77% (Public).
In the end, same-sex marriage in America does represent what is American. Our country is built on the motto of Liberty, and Justice for all and allowing everyone to marry is only fair. Although same-sex marriage was passed in all states on June 26, 2015, we still have a long way to go to receive more acceptance and support towards the LGBT community, and their rights to marry. As Americans, no matter what our differences may be we all deserve to feel the sense of freedom and equal rights that are given to us.

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