Same Sex Adoption : Preference Or Prejudice? Essay

Same Sex Adoption : Preference Or Prejudice? Essay

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Same Sex Adoption; Preference or Prejudice?
In our world where thousands of people are born each day, and millions of children are left without families, loving partners willing to adopt should be a golden opportunity. Due to religious prejudice, however, a huge group of willing and able couples are not allowed to adopt due to their sexual orientation. Gay’s, Lesbian’s, and other members of the LGBT+ community have a moral and constitutional right to adoption. Many bills and laws remain in the United states alone that either deter or flat out reject candidates for adoption based on orientation. This discrimination is unacceptable no matter what a personal belief may be, because it sets back civil rights unions, leaves children without families, and is overall taking away the rights of an outlying group in our nation.
Reporter for USA Today, Joan Biskupic, in her article “Justices Leave Fla. Ban on Adoption by Gays Intact”, published in 2005, addresses the topic of Florida law passed in 1977 which barred gays and lesbians from adopting children. This law passed as part of an anti-homosexual campaign, as Biskupic states in the text. The court records claim this law was to tell homosexuals "We 're really tired of you. We wish you 'd go back into the closet.” Biskupic reiterates the absurdity of this remaining law by discussing its harmfulness to social justice and to all the adoptable children stuck in group homes. Her purpose is to bring light to this situation and asserts “The Supreme Court 's refusal to hear
an appeal was a setback for the American Civil Liberties Union and gay rights groups.” This law built itself on a basis of hate, and it is that same hate that is blinding the justices from seeing the best interests for the ...

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...ame rights to adoption as everyone else in this country. Ritchie also brings up many occasions of same sex parents raising children, and no children at school mocked any of the children, seeming to be more civil and accepting then some parents.
The controversy of gay adoption in our country is not addressed often enough, and the next step towards a truly free country is allowing all of its citizens the same rights, regardless of what gender their partner may be. The laws and social structures which discourage LGBT individuals from adoption are discriminatory and unconstitutional. There is no logical reasoning to not allow someone to adopt solely because of their sexual orientation, and no matter how many religious groups spew their personal views on the subject, the overall nonbiased reasoning is that any person in this country should be allowed the same freedoms.

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