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Sam Houston was born in the year March 2, 1793. He lived a life full of adventure, and with long lasting achievements. Houston was a courageous man, practical, peacemaker, sensible, and full of determination. Houston left home when he was a boy of age fourteen, and since then he never was the same again. He decided to live with the Native Indians; the Cherokee tribe settling with them by learning their language and native ways. Houston was an ambitious man in the political arena. He became the first and only man to ever become a governor of two states; Tennessee, and Texas, commander in chief in the army, and United States senator. Though he faced controversy, this did not stop him from proceeding with his ambition rather he fought for what he thought was right and fair. Houston had shortcomings with drinking but in a way it was never an issue with his political aspirations. He also had a difficult time getting married, after his first and second marriage failed, he never gave up but eventually end up marrying Margaret Lea who stood by him till his death in 1863.
Houston was a practical man, was elected in the as a congressman in the House of Representatives. He was able to learn very fast the legislative process by being observant to the most dominant men in the house. He also learnt ways of being able to do favors for his constituents. He basically referred to Andrew Jackson who was one of his very good friends, who he campaigned for and supported during his presidential race. Although his association with Andrew Jackson was controversial, this did not deter Houston from speaking his mind in the House of Representatives or with the people in the campaign trail.
Houston’s courage was depicted in various ways: He had no experien...

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...sed on Sam Houston so as the reader can get the essence of his life and career excellence.
The sources included both primary and secondary biography. The primary biography include: Basic compilation of Houston’s letters, speeches, and messages in Amelia Williams and Eugene C. Barker, eds., The writings of Sam Houston, 1813 – 1863.
Useful material prepared by Houston contemporaries. Henderson K. Yoakum, History of Texas from its first settlement in 1685 to its Annexation to the United States in 1846 ( New York: Redfield, 1855), was a close friend of Houston’s and used sources provided by Houston himself and other leaders such as Thomas Jefferson Rusk.
Secondary biography include: Justin H. Smith, The Annexation of Texas (New York: Baker and Taylor Co., 1911), which presented the story in a positive light.

Texas and the Spanish Borderlands
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