Essay about Salvation : The New Superstition

Essay about Salvation : The New Superstition

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Salvation: The New Superstition
Does anyone ever remember the first time someone said the silly childhood saying” Knock on wood.” Or even felt the infamous scare of when a black cat crosses their path because it was said to cause bad luck? These things are cultural superstitions that are normally used when trying to define why the most outlandish things happen to someone during their day. Some superstitions are used as to bring good luck and even protection, for example a young child may keep their blanket to keep the monsters at bay and to bring them comfort when they feel scared or even a Catholic wearing a cross necklace. Some may not agree with a religious figure being related to superstition, but in reality what is the difference between a cross necklace and a stuffed animal? Not much, when reading and comparing Margret Meads “New Superstitions for Old” and Langston Hughes “Salvation” there have been many similarities when between superstitions to the belief in God but one conclusion has been made when comparing both texts: Salvation is nothing more than a superstition.
When talking about superstition Mead states “Very commonly, people associate superstition with the past, with very old ways of thinking that have been supplanted by modern knowledge” (184). She also goes into depth on superstation and child psychology when needing transitional objects. Transitional objects are items that help a child transition through everyday events smoothly. These items can come in many forms but the most popular seem to be coming from teddy bears and other stuffed animals. The toys have said to be helpful when things happen in life that need to be accepted without proof and while many may grow out of teddy bears people move on to more comp...

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...tions and the child fells neglected. Through time if it is a consistent habit, the child will stop going to that parent in their time of need because they know the parent is unreliable and neglectful. A process such as this can be extremely damaging to ones beliefs and make it hard to trust in anything anymore.
Both Mead and Hughes show great examples of what it means to have faith and hold on to it or to have faith and loose it. Whether if it be a transitional object or gaining salvation through God. Many continue to believe religion could bring one to salvation but in reality it is in the hands of the believer if on what it truly means to be “saved.” We continue to pass on our beliefs from generation to generation in hopes of keeping the stories alive, but at the end of the day the one thing that brings both superstition and religion together is just pure belief.

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