`` Salvation ' By Langston Hughes And ' Mothers ' Essay

`` Salvation ' By Langston Hughes And ' Mothers ' Essay

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Everyone has them, people that raised them from when they were born, in most cases a mother and father. The memoir ‘’Salvation’’ by Langston Hughes and the essay ‘’Mothers’’ by Anna Quindlen awakened me to explore my relationship with my own parents. ‘’Salvation’’ gave me this over powering feeling that I knew exactly how young Langston felt sitting in that pew. I felt that I could also, to an extent, connect with the narrator in ‘’Mothers.’’ ‘’Salvation’’ and ‘’Mothers’’ both created emotional reactions from me; while ‘’Salvation’’ aroused feelings of vulnerability, ‘’Mothers’’ exposed questions about my parents.
‘’I began to feel ashamed of myself’’ (33), I along with thousands of people can relate to this simple statement. Hughes reminded me of the number of relationships, romantic and platonic, that I’ve held against my mother’s approval. Young Langston felt ashamed of lying to his family similarly the relationships I protect against my mother are something I would not want her to know about. Young Langston’s family and environment demonstrated their faith in Christ, and they wanted him to be saved by God as they all had. Langston and I have both heard the words, ‘’why don’t you come and be saved’’ (33). My mother has raised me with that same belief, that God will solve everything, and I don’t like it. To an extent I can agree, but Langston made me irritated with that statement, it exposed this resentment towards the belief that I had always been raised on. Yes, speaking to God helps, but no it is not the only answer. My mother nor the church condone lying, but I often find myself in the scenario where’ ’to save further trouble, I’d better lie too’’ (33). Young Langston took a quick way out of a stressful situation that mos...

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...elf from her wrath.] Both authors took me to moments in my life that had lasting impressions on me. ‘’Mothers’’ made me relive the birth of my baby sister, and ‘’Salvation’’ made me reenact countless disagreements that I’ve experienced with my parents. Although I would like to secrete these memories, it was healthy for me to remember the lessons I learned from them.
Hughes and Quindlen’s both, undeniably, great authors that can use their power in words to move readers. The memoir and the short story brought unsettling memories to me that I enjoyed reliving. I cannot think of any other literature that can expose such intense feelings from me, but anyone can connect to these pieces of work. Most people can connect to the pressure that Hughes describes, and they have probably also felt that yearn for an unknown relationship that Quindlen expresses in ‘’Mothers.’’

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