The Salvation Army Is The World 's Second Largest Nonprofit Organization

The Salvation Army Is The World 's Second Largest Nonprofit Organization

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Booker T. Washington once said, “ If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up”. This quote is meant to stress the importance of volunteering and how it not only benefits the people in need but also the volunteers. Volunteering is an essential aspect of society because it teaches responsibility, humbleness , and helps save money. A wide range of people use volunteer services including senior citizens and disabled veterans. The Salvation Army is the world’s second largest nonprofit organization. The Salvation Army gets the majority of its funds by donations and from stores that are maintained by volunteers and the people that they assist. The stores use donated goods as their merchandise. Every cent that is made by the Salvation Army goes towards helping people in need. The Salvation Army’s main focuses are helping the poor, anti-human trafficking , and supporting children without discrimination. For example, In Ghana there was a fire at a gas station that caused thousands of people to lose their homes and some were even killed. The Salvation Army provided food and building materials for the homeless. Over 1,000 people were affected by the fire. None of the Salvation Army’s efforts would be possible without its 3.4 million amazing volunteers.
The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that was founded in 1965 by William Booth. The Salvation army has almost 8,000 centers across the United States and in just about every town across America.Volunteering for the Salvation Army is extremely simple. The official Salvation Army website is easy to use and it lists all of the Salvation Army centers across the United States. All one have to do is type their zip code or the name of the town that they want to volunteer in into ...

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... will probably feel exhausted , but also feel accomplished. Volunteering is one of the most patriotic acts a person could do. The world today has put volunteering and helping others on standby while they go chase other types of happiness. After a long day of volunteering one’s feet will probably hurt , one will be sleepy , and most of all hungry. Every day after volunteering I would go home and take a nice warm shower and reflect on my experiences that day. That time in the shower helped me focus on the goals I wanted to set the next time I would volunteer.The most satisfying aspect of volunteering his helping other people because it is the right thing to do. People don’t realize how important helping others is until they need help themselves. The Salvation Army is a superb place where one can learn many lessons about life that could affect someone’s life for good.

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