The Salon, The Racial Parenting Divide : What Adrian Peterson Reveals About Black Vs. White Child Rearing

The Salon, The Racial Parenting Divide : What Adrian Peterson Reveals About Black Vs. White Child Rearing

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Imagine being beaten every time one makes a mistake. Imagine not being beaten and to only later be killed for committing one of these mistakes. Imagine loving this individual. Now imagine being the one to beat this person for their protection. This is the complex situation of many in the African American community. Consisting of using physical discipline as a method of protection and discipline. Many parents with children of color often go through great lengths to make sure that their child is well disciplined. Discipline, is the practice of training one to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. The method of discipline many in colored societies opt for is physical discipline. However, there are some who argue against it and opt for non-physical discipline. This controversial issue is the topic of Brittany Cooper’s article to the Salon, The Racial Parenting Divide: What Adrian Peterson Reveals about Black vs. White Child-rearing. Cooper discusses an important controversial case in which Adrian Peterson gets in trouble for beating his son, and while plenty of people are claiming that Peterson went too far, Cooper sides with Peterson in an effort to analyze physical discipline and its role as a tool of black parenting. In a similar fashion, author Ta-Nehisi Coates, whom was physically disciplined as a child, provides, in his book Between the World and Me, a first-hand account of physical discipline and its usefulness as a tool for the black community. Opponents argue that physical discipline does not truly protect the child and needs to be re-evaluated. However, physical discipline, not only protects the child but also has an important historical and cultural impact in communities of color.

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...the police, that they can avoid such backlashes when they are older.
Physical discipline does not need to be rethought as it has an essential role in the African American community. It is not only a tool used to protect children from danger, but also a method used to ensure that children are well behaved. In America it is crucial for a child of color to be well behaved and obedient, less they face discipline from America—whom is often unforgiving. Physical discipline additionally has a strong historical role in being inherited in the African American community from parent to child. In fact, a majority of the methods of physical discipline used today has been inherited from older generations. While physical discipline is neither the best nor the only method of discipline. It is, however, still the lesser evil when faced with the mantra—I can beat you or the police.

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