Essay about Sally Beauty 's Largest Retailer Of Professional Beauty

Essay about Sally Beauty 's Largest Retailer Of Professional Beauty

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We interviewed the manager of Sally Beauty, whose name is Christina Simmons. Sally Beauty Supply LLC began as one store in New Orleans in 1964. Today, Sally Beauty is the world’s largest retailer of professional beauty supplies. Sally Beauty currently owns and operates more than 2,800 Sally Beauty Supply stores worldwide, including stores in every state in the United States; Puerto Rico and Canada. Sally Beauty Supply offers over 7,000 professional quality products for hair, skin and nails to retail customers and salon professionals. Their customers appreciate their knowledgeable sales associates who help them solve their hair and beauty frustrations. 
Sally Beauty has a heritage as the first choice for professional cosmetologists and consumers alike because of the broad range of products. Their international presence offers Sally Beauty / BSG insight into fashion and beauty trends. It gives buyers and merchandisers a head start on obtaining the tools and products salon professionals need to create the latest fashion looks, as well as the products consumers use to maintain the look between salon visits. Beauty Systems Group stores, along with its outside sales consultants, sell up to 9,500 professionally branded products including Paul Mitchell, Wella, Sebastian, Graham, Webb, Rusk, TIGI, Matrix, and Redken. BSG sells exclusively to professional cosmetologists for use in salons and resale to their customers.
Sally Beauty Supply business has changed tremendously due to the rapidly growing use of technology. They now market to their customers online through email, social media, advertising, etc. Their business also expanded to include an online store. Sally’s mission statement is as follow, “Our mission here at Sally 's is to prov...

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...handise, attractive locations, and committed human resources.
Retaining a competitive advantage over similar stores is very important. The competitors are always ready to gain an opportunity to have a competitive advantage. Sally Beauty Supply has a great number of factors that contribute to their competitive advantage. They can retain this advantage by making sure they keep their customers happy, which in return will keep their customer loyalty high. Whenever they hire new employees, they need to hire people that exhibit great customer service skills. Also, continue having a knowledgeable staff. The store should never get rid of their store brands so they can continue having exclusivity. Maintaining strong vendor relationships will result in them continuing to have the best brands. This will also reflect on their brand image causing it to continue to be well-known.

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