Essay on The Salinity At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Essay on The Salinity At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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Earth and Oceans Name Isabelle Rowe
Quiz 2 (Take home)

Student written questions

1. Typically, the salinity at the bottom of the ocean higher than the salinity at the surface.

2. Describe the reason for your answer above.

The surface of the ocean has as more an influx of freshwater (because of precipitation) than the bottom of the ocean. It also has a higher salinity because the more salt there is in water, the denser it becomes, which makes it sink to the bottom.

3. What is density?

Density is defined as the mass per unit of volume.

4. What is the name for the area of rapidly changing salinity?

The area of rapidly changing salinity is known was the thermoclines.

5. Where on Earth will you find a lower surface salinity?

You will find lower surface salinity in locations were more freshwater (via precipitation, runoff, iceberg melting, etc.) is added into the seawater. These locations are near high latitudes (such as the Tropics of Capricorn or Cancer).

6. Describe how El Nino and La Nina affect the temperature and climate on earth?

El Nino and La Nina are climate phenomena that occur every couple years. El Nino is the period of warming. The warm ocean water that collects off the coast of South America is the cause of the increase in temperature. La Nina, the counterpart of El Nino, is the period of cooling. The temperature of mid-Pacific ocean decreases below normal, which causes colder climates.

7. What does “thermo” mean? Relating to heat.

8. What does “Haline” mean? Relating to salt.

9. What is a continental margin?

A continental margin is the zone of the ocean floor that divides the thick continental crust and the thin oceanic crust.

10. List the features of the continental margin.

- Gently slop...

... middle of paper ... is one way salinity at the surface of the ocean might decrease? Perception

b) What is one way salinity at the surface of the ocean might increase? Upwelling

25. Draw a convection cell in water or the atmosphere. Clearly indicate with arrows the direction of movement of water or air. Explain why warm and cold air/water move in these directions.

26. What is ocean acidification?

Ocean acidification is the decreasing of the pH of water, which makes it more acidic than it should be. Ocean water is naturally more basic, so the decreasing pH of the water causes it to be more neutral. It is caused by the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Just for fun….How did you like this class? Room for improvement? Constructive thoughts welcome

I enjoyed the class, especially the seal necropsy. It would be interesting to go to a whale necropsy as a fieldtrip.

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