Salem Witch Trials: Women’s Rights Essay

Salem Witch Trials: Women’s Rights Essay

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Did you know the people who were assumed witches were not always bad? These people had children and families. Yet they were still accused of terrible things and punished in the worst ways. The people who were usually accused were women. The age did not really matter it was more of what they did or did not do. These women did everything for the men in their families but got nothing in return. Salem was not a very good place for women because their purpose was mostly to take care of the children and serve their husbands. They had no rights at all even in their church.
The Church of England was not a good religion during the sixteenth century, the puritans want to practice their own religion but the Church of England would not allow them. People didn’t want to obey the churches authority anymore. The Puritans it particular did not want to follow the Church of England. Over time, “the church of England began to crack down on those who refused to bow to their authority” ( this caused the Puritans to leave England. The puritans left England and went on a dangerous journey to be free from the church. It was so bad that, “it got to the point where the puritans decided to face the dangerous journey to the New World rather than be persecuted for their religion” ( these people would rather put their lives and families in danger than to be put down by the Church of England. There were ranks inside the church and women were at the bottom.
During this time period women were not respected at all and were belittled by all med in their lives. Even though men don’t appreciate what women they still did as they were told. In particular, “Women have an astoundingly long list of responsibilities and duties – th...

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