Salem Witch Trials Of The Salem Village Of Massachusetts Essay

Salem Witch Trials Of The Salem Village Of Massachusetts Essay

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The infamous Salem witch trials began in the Salem village of Massachusetts in 1692, when a group of young women claimed to be possessed by the devil thus setting a spark of other local women accusing each other of practicing witch craft. Even though none of these were said to be true, however those that were accused were usually either trialed or hanged in front of the fearful townsmen. As a result of these accusations on fellow townsmen over 150 people died from the Salem Witch Trials. The practice of witchcraft was commonly believed in the English colonies, the people of Salem Village was very edgy and fearful of death. They were afraid of death by starvation, death by exposure, and death by savages, due to these paranoia it led to the paranoia of witchcraft. They begin to feel as if the devil and the Indians were aligned against them due to a recent smallpox epidemic and fear of attacks from neighboring Indian tribes. Early setters had believed that witchcraft were usually practiced by women who didn’t believe in God or attended church and made a pact with the devil to gain their so-called powers. Though none of these were true, women who usually fell out of the certain norm that the settlers during the time had set were usually accused setting the Salem Witch Trails.
The village of Salem were ruled by the Puritans who migrated to the North America to escape the religious persecution back in England. Tabooed in England by Catholic leaders, they choose to migrate to North America to start new and escape the discrimination that was put upon them. Upon coming to the new world they settled in Massachusetts and established a strict religious system where a person had to attend the norm of a weekly three hour sermon that everybody ...

... middle of paper ... lives. Many families found it difficult to go back to their normal lifestyle with their accuser and the tragic incident.
In conclusion the Salem Witch Trails was a very dark and horrifying history of the settlers in the new world because of the fact many innocent lives was lost due to false and ridicules accusations. Many were hanged to death, stoned, pressed to death, and died in the jail because of the belief of spectral evidence. Just with the evidence of spectral evidence and other witnesses a person can be able to accuse another person of being a witch. Even though there are many other techniques they used to find out if the person was a witch or not such as the tough test and witch cakes. Spectral evidence was the most influential evidence to the court. Lasting from February 1692 to March 1693 many early settlers can regard these times as the “Dark Times”.

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